47.5m Capacity Motoryacht

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Main Datas & Characteristics

Main Data and Characteristics | TRAVEL 47.5m Motoryacht

Length over all | 47,50 m
Beam, max | 10,00 m

Maximum Draft approx. | 2,80m
Material hull | steel
Material superstructure | aluminium

Berth | Owner, 5 Cabins for 10 Guests
Crew | Captain’s cabin, Chief Engineer’s Cabin, Chief Officer’s cabin,
5 Cabins for 10 Crew

Main Tender | 6,60 m
Crew Tender | 4,20 m

Engines |  Owner’s choice
Generators | Owner’s choice

Maximum Speed | 16,5 knots
Cruise Speed | 15 knots
Range at 14 knots | 4600 n.m.

Design Exterior and Interior | Egg and Dart Design Corporation | Munich
Classification | Lloyds Register +100  AI SSC LMC UMS MCA Large Yacht Code


Description of the Yacht

The German design duo: Georg Decker and Mareid Moosbrugger who are the Egg and Dart Design Corporation of Munich, work in close co operation with Tiranian Yachts, to market many of large yachts design, the latest of which is the Capacity 47.5.

This ocean going steel and aluminium displacement yacht displays an elegant and somewhat minimalist straight lined exterior to give the impression of greater length, and her aerodynamic detail suggests a futuristic and technically high performance. One of the main visual features of the design the designers say is the connection between it and the lines of the bonnet of an Aston Martin. They describe her surfaces as being constrained and formed in a tight way and point out further details such as the wing station controls and life rafts that they have integrated into the design to keep the yacht’s lines slim and clean. They have designed the yacht so that the area aft provides the owner and crew with protection when she is at sea in open waters and yet still affords a high degree of privacy when the yacht is berthed stern to inside a port. Some of the principal characteristics they have given the layout of Capacity, is space, airiness and the use natural light to keep rooms clear and functional. They have applied a strict separation between working spaces for crew and guest accommodations to create an equilibrium between functional areas like staircases, elevators, storage and technical rooms that all go together to form the basis of this concept. A unique feature of capacity is the main stair well running from the main deck to the fly bridge and shares a common gallery known as the “air space” which is bathed in natural light provided by a window in the funnel space. This influx of natural light greatly enhances visual impact of the interior design, furniture and finishes. Special emphasis has been placed upon the design of the crew areas to ensure a good working atmosphere. The designers believe that a happy crew equates to happy charter parties and an owner who can therefore be justly proud of his yacht.

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