Tiranian is an energetic, forward looking company that is proud to offer its unique range of yachts to the discerning owner. Tiranian was conceived around 5 years ago to fill a niche in the truly bespoke mega yacht market. We have a range of 14 cutting edge designs to meet the demands of the most exacting owner. Our design studios are in Germany and our Technical offices are in the UK. Our aim is to provide honest, accurate and appropriate advice to the prospective owners of both commercially and privately operated Mega Yachts.

Tiranian has a range of cutting edge designs, between 18m and 123m LOA, designed in Germany and custom built to northern European standards. Our yachts can be constructed at a yard of the client’s preference or at a facility recommended by us. The client has the services of our design and technical teams 24/7 from day one until acceptance, and can therefore be involved as much or as little as the client desires.

Tiranian has a team of highly qualified experts with many years of experience in the Design, Construction and Management of Mega Yachts.  Our yachts are constructed to Lloyds Classification Rules and the MCA Large Commercial Yacht Code.



Our ethos is to form a close working relationship with the owners, advising on, and facilitating their choices, so as to build a bespoke yacht of the highest quality, which exceeds the owner’s expectations.

Tiranian Yachts is an independent company which is able to provide an extraordinary, turnkey supply of Megayachts.



The prospective client chooses a design from the Tiranian range. The client then meets with our design and construction team to fully explore the Client’s requirements, preferences and budget.

When we discuss the client’s requirements, we will ask a range of questions that will enable us to gain a clearer understanding of the client’s requirements; these include but are not limited to:

• Do you wish to operate the vessel privately or commercially (Charter)? This has implications on the regulations that govern construction and for Taxation purposes.

• How many guests do you wish to carry?

• What type of recreational equipment would you wish to carry, Jet Skis, submersibles, vehicles etc?

• Do you wish to operate a helicopter from the vessel?

• Areas of operation. If you intend to operate the vessel in remote areas such as the South Pacific or Arctic regions, this may affect our recommendation of main and auxiliary engines, and other shipboard systems.

• Crewing. Apart from the marine crew who operate the vessel, would you have any additional crewing requirements such as for childcare, bodyguards or beauty therapists?

• Do you have any specific security requirements such as panic rooms?

Once the client’s requirements are defined, we will prepare a full set of Technical Specifications and based upon these, calculate a contract price.

Tiranian only uses shipyards that have been inspected by our design and construction team to ensure that their construction processes, standards and management structure meet our exacting standards.

Once the Technical Specifications, interior design, price and delivery date have been agreed, the Shipbuilding Contract will be signed and Tiranian will then oversee the construction process to ensure delivery to the highest standards, by the agreed date and within budget.



Only Tiranian Yachts offer this truly bespoke service where the client can have as much or as little input as he wishes.

The client can choose the area of construction that suits his budget, North or South Europe, Turkey or any preferred area, but Tiranian guarantee North European build quality.

We only choose construction shipyards that have an excellent reputation for quality of build and on-time delivery, thereby negating any risk to the client.



Tiranian was a company formed in 2006 by Clive Cox and Georg Decker; to fill niche in the truly bespoke mega yacht market. Our design studios are in Germany and our Technical and admin offices are in UK. The client has the services of our design and technical teams 24/7 from day one until acceptance, and can therefore be involved as much or as little as he likes.